A memorandum of understanding between Tipax and Qatar Post was signed during a meeting between two parties in Doha, Qatar.

According to the Tipax Public Relations, the two companies’ cooperation in import and export by sea, air and land routes has facilitated sending of postal items from Iran to Qatar and vice versa, and providing facilities for the E-Commerce to flourish is one of the most important terms of this memorandum that was signed in May this year by Mehrdad Fakher the CEO of Tipax and Faleh Mohammed al-Naimi the CEO of Qatar Post.

In the meeting of the Managing Directors of two companies and the memorandum of understanding signed, the emphasis was placed on the utilization and exploitation of the facilities and infrastructure of two companies to facilitate postal communications, and that targeted efforts are made to establish a connecting network between Iran and Qatar and bilateral cooperation to develop relations with the world’s postal networks.