About Tipax

History & Background

Gradually the company expanded its scope of services around Iran, recruiting more employees and opening branches not only in major populated locations but also in smaller remote cities and towns. As a result, the courier services broke off as a subsidiary to what was to become Tipax International Holding. In addition, since 1991 six other subsidiary companies have been launched, expanding the scope of the company’s work to many different areas and businesses. Now with more than half a century of experience, Tipax is the oldest and one of the biggest companies in its field, currently having more than 3000 employees, 35 offices in Tehran and 165 branches in more than 130 cities all around the country. The company is known as one of the most flexible and dependable logistics and holding experts in Iran, and prudently invests to expand its integrated global network and service portfolio even further to become one of the top international companies in the middle East. Recognized as the first leading privately-held logistics and courier service in Iran, Tipax started out from the basics. The origins of the company go back to 1960 when Dr. Mohammad Ali Fakher established a small company to ship parcels between five cities in Iran. He named the company after an Achaemenid commander called “Tipax” who founded the first official delivery services in the world during the Persian Empire circa 550 BC.

Tipax Courier Service provides  door to door delivery  of all parcels containing any type  or  amount of goods  with  appropriate  vehicles  and  insurance  for  potential damage. The company  delivers more than  8,000,000 parcels  each  year  for  more than  5,000,000  customers  who can use the unique IRS  smart  system for locating  the nearest  Tipax  office near  their location  and  track  the  shipment  of their  parcels In addition, Tipax  Courier  provides  personal shopping services of all goods such  as groceries, furniture,  etc., delivers and  distributes all types of goods  to  institutions,  organizations,  governmental  agencies  and  online shopping websites, delivers the  orders of online stores and  provides proper transportation for  all  personal activities  requiring  intra-urban  commuting.  The low  cost  of our  services, reliable  transportation,  delivery  with  maximum  speed and excellent coverage are what differentiate Tipax Courier Service from other competitors.

Board of Directors

Dr. Mohammad Ali Fakher
Dr. Mohammad Ali Fakher
Founder of Tipax Company
Dr. Mehrdad Fakher
Dr. Mehrdad Fakher
CEO of Fakher Holding


Due to the fact that Tipax is the biggest private logistics and courier service(3PL) company in Iran, it finds its duty to not only provide various types of services such as door to door delivery, online shipment tracking, customs services, Cargo customs clearance and etc., but also to deliver the parcels in less than 24 hours.

Tipax Advantages

1- Optimum cost
2- Maximum quality of transportation & delivery
3- Quickest response to pick up requests
4- The fastest delivery
5- The most service points
6- Professional experts
7- Finding the nearest Tipax branch by area code of customer’s phone number.
8- Dynamic cooperation with E-commerce providers
9- Providing customized services

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