Fakher Holding

About Fakher Holding

Tipax is proud for being Iran’s  first logistics, Company and courier service and thus the first 3rd party company to have taken measures to connect people from all around the country. The customers or the company count on its diverse portfolio or transportation and business solutions and the company provides various shipping and courier services for  individuals as well as private and governmental companies and businesses. Fakher Holding has seven subsidiaries which also been providing numerous services for their customers in various fields such as fashion retail, brand management, interior design, furniture and home accessories, construction  and e-commerce. Thus,  as the pioneer of courier services and shipping   in  Iran, Tipax strives to become one of the leading courier companies of the Middle East through incorporating  passion, accountability,  diversity and careful planning.

Fakher Holding subsidiaries :

Tipax  ,  T.P.X  ,  Mehan Poush  ,  Khooger  ,  Octiran  ,  Octiran Plus  , Tipax Trading LLC  ,  Irdal

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