Post-Expo 2017

TIPAX in the world POST-EXPO Exhibition

TIPAX company will be active in the Geneva POST-EXPO 2017 Exhibition; POST-EXPO is considered to be the most important postal event in the world, which is held every year in one of the developed countries, and in September this year Geneva in Switzerland will host the POST-EXPO 2017.


According to TPAX Public Relations “Dr. Mehrdad Fakher”, CEO of the this company and head of the “Fakher Holding”, referring to the historic position of Iran on the Silk Road, our country has a strategic position in transportation and logistics, and adding: Iran, as a developing and young country, is a big market in the logistics industry and post; Therefore: TIPAX, which has always been striving to keep pace with the global logistics industry, is also looking to expand international cooperation by presenting its achievements and capabilities at the Swiss Post Expo, our vision is to provide high quality services to domestic and international customers and helping to promote this industry.


According to the official website of the exhibition, Dr. Mehrdad Fakher, along with holding several business meetings, will also be one of the official speakers at the conference next to the exhibition, with an article titled ” Iran’s Postal/parcel Industry and its Market Potentials.”


The official news site of the exhibition, in a note pointing the presence of the company at the Post Expo, announced that the German company “Beumer” will cooperate in equipping the new and updated distribution and processing centers of TIPAX. TIPAX is waiting for the official license of the private postal operator of Iran, and in this direction, it is on the agenda to update and quickly expand its service centers by using the latest technology in the world.


This year, the Post Expo exhibition will be held from 26th to 28th September 2017 in Switzerland. TIPAX, along with TPX, which is another member of the “Fakher Holding” Companies Group, are present at this exhibition.

Report of the first day of Post Expo 2017

TIPAX is present at PostExpo 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland.

In Tuesday, September 26 (first day of the exhibition), Dr. Mehrdad Fakher (CEO of TIPAX and Chairman of the Board at Fakher Holding), met with Mr. Bishar Abdirahman Hussein (Director General of The Universal Postal Union) and they had some Effective negotiations for next meetings.

Dr Fakher also visited the booth of BEUMER Group (The Operator Of installation and commissioning of new TIPAX hub for 2018).

Also yesterday, Mr. Vahid Kiani, Consultant and Spokesman for CEO of TIPAX, spoke on the topic of “Iran’s Postal Market Potentials” at the conference.

Post Expo 2017 and It’s Conference will be held in Switzerland, to 28 September.

Post Expo’s Official Interview with Dr. Fakher


Today morning, 27 September, Second day of PostExpo exhibition, an official news team from The Exhibition spoke with Dr. Mehrdad Fakher and his Consultant Mr. Kiani at TIPAX pavilion.

Today also, Dr. Fakher will negotiate with various companies and he will talk to media reporters too.

Post Expo 2017 & It’s Conference will continue until tomorrow, 28 September in Geneva, Switzerland.

Report of Second Day In Post Expo 2017

Wednesday 27 October, on 2nd day of PostExpo at TIPAX Pavilion, The Official Press Team of the exhibition spoke with Dr. Mehrdad Fakher, CEO of Tipax and his Consultant Mr. Kiani.

Dr. Fakher and TIPAX Managers Team also discussed and negotiated with various companies and media.

Wednesday Also Mr. Kiani from TIPAX, on the sidelines of PostExpo 2017, met with Mr. Bob Philips (Regulation and Strategy Director at CityPost Ireland).

Meetings of CEO and members of TIPAX, will take place on the sideline of Post Expo 2017; This exhibition will be continued in Geneva, Switzerland, to Thursday 28 September.

TIPAX And The Last Day Of Post Expo 2017

Thursday, 28 September, At the last day of PostExpo 2017 in Geneva, TIPAX Pavilion was the canon of meetings and discussions with international companies.
Dr. Mehrdad Fakher, met with the Representative of OCM Company From Italy.

PostExpo 2017 exhibition and conference held in Geneva from September 26 to 28.

TIPAX and TPX, Were Present from Fakher Holding at Post Expo 2017, Switzerland.