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There is a special procedure for reaching all parcels to destination. Some would be sent by air, some with more speed and some with different packing and some inside or outside of country. What is important is to reach them as health and on-time as possible. With more than 150,000 packs per day and more than 2700 transportation vehicles and 1000 agents throughout the country and benefiting from 8000 special human force, TIPAX Express Pars Co. intends to perform its role as better as much possible in the field of sending of cargoes to different districts. As the founder of Door – to – Door service, TIPAX Co. is trying to present various services in order to meet all needs of its customers. Land Express is one of the major TIPAX services which besides Door-to-Door method, may cause the best economy in time and replacement costs for submitting their parcels to TIPAX office. Considering all TIPAX rules and regulations for permitted or unpermitted parcels, customer may register their orders via a telephone call with closest TIPAX agency and/or by using My-TIPAX application. As a result, TIPAX agent will refer to the sender’s location by person and receive the parcel. Upon finishing all steps of sending, the parcel will be delivered to receiver in relevant place. According to the distance of origin and destination, this sending time is variable from 24 up to 72 hours and all users may track the final situation of their parcel in On-line situation. In addition, it is possible for all legal and real customers to have free access to all information of TIPAX agency through the website. Air Express Service is another service of TIPAX Co. through air lines in order to reach the parcels within quickest time limits. Furthermore, it is better to have air-transportation via TIPAX for those areas with hard geographical situations. According to the airlines rules and regulations for sending of various packs, there are some special conditions for air transportation of parcels. You may study the list of permitted or non-permitted air parcels in relevant air express part. Sending period of packs in this way is 24 hours with further on-line tracking facility. With considering the needs of customers for sending parcels to the abroad, TIPAX has added its international express service in its list of services. By the use of latest technologies, International Express is able to send the parcels in shortest possible period of time. According to the distance of origin and destination, the sending period of this service is various up to 5 working days along with tracking of parcel situation on On-line basis. TIPAX makes it possible to send any parcels throughout the world with respecting relevant air transportation rules and regulations. Therefore, it has tried to make an effective ways of servicing and meeting the necessities of customers. Besides land and air transportation and considering the effective role of logistic industry in supply chain and in parallel with more cooperation with Internet shops, TIPAX has started up its new service titled as Cash- On -Delivery (COD). In this service, customers may sale their good on On-line basis and receive the costs in door. In fact, TIPAX is responsible for receipt of this costs from receiver and transfer the same to seller. It may accelerate the above-mentioned process. For benefiting from the mentioned service it is possible to sign a contract with the organization at any part of country. The applicants may find required information through a telephone call with TIPAX. In addition, due to the importance of proper packaging in sending procedure, providing proper packaging is another service that is offered in TIPAX offices. TIPAX is trying to offer a wider range of goods and services to its customers by using new packaging methods, along with maintaining the safety and health of packages. Packing in various dimensions is also possible and customers can benefit from this service by referring to a TIPAX agency. 


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