Intercity Delivery Service
Intercity Delivery Service

Intercity Delivery Service

Tipax's intercity delivery service is the transport of parcels between two cities by air, rail, and road courier vehicles. AirExpress shipments take up to 24 hours to reach their destination, while rail and road transports take 2 to 4 days. The intercity delivery service is available via various channels, including in-person visits to the nearest Tipax branch office, MyTipax application, e-Tipax platform, or simply contacting the Tipax support team on the phone; all transfers are made courier service.


Information regarding the nearest Tipax branch office, eTipax platform, and MyTipax download link can be accessed via the company's website. After the intercity delivery service request has been submitted, Tipax sends an agent to the declared pick-up point to recover the package. The Tipax employee will open the package in the presence of the sender to verify the contents and confirm the permissibility of the items inside. Permissible items are those whose recovery and distribution/transportation is outlawed by Islamic Republic of Iran laws or the company's rules and regulations. Prohibited items include those whose recovery and distribution/transport is outlawed by Islamic Republic of Iran law and company rules and regulations; the list of prohibited items is available on the Tipax website. 

After the content of the package has been verified and deemed permissible, the client's (sender) information is uploaded to the company application, and a receipt is issued. The package is eventually passed through various steps and delivered to the recipient. Tipax's intercity delivery service is available to all natural and juridical persons; using Tipax's intercity delivery service, the clients can rest assured that their packages are in safe hands. Tipax provides both the sender and the recipient with a tracking code which they can enter on the Tipax website to track their package throughout the delivery process. Given the crucial role of proper packaging in successful delivery, Tipax also provides a packaging service for intercity deliveries. Thus, the client can ask Tipax to package their items as well. The fee is not flat and is calculated based on the package's weight and value, the distance, and added-value services. 

In the service customer satisfaction as well as safeguarding their properties, all packages are insured; this insurance value can vary from 200 thousand to 40 million tomans, thus in case of any damages to permissible packages, the client will be compensated for accordingly. The client can call the Tipax support team at (+98) 0218457 and submit their claim in case of damaged packages. 

  1. How are the shipment rates evaluated for air and Ground Express deliveries?

    Answer: you can view an estimated fee for your parcels on the Tipax website or MyTipax application.

  2. Can the sender cancel its already sent out package halfway?

    Answer: Yes, as long as the package has not been delivered to the recipient, it is considered the property of the sender, and they may retract it.

  3. How is the compensation amount evaluated in case of damaged items?

    Answer: in case of any items being damaged while in possession of Tipax, after expert review of the extent of the damage, the client will receive a compensation amount anywhere from the following amounts: from 200.000 to 10.000.000 with a rate of 2 per thousand; from 10.000.000 to 20.000.000 tomans with a rate of 2.5 per thousand; and from 20.000.000 to 30.000.000 with a rate of 3 per thousand. The compensation amount is evaluated based on the estimated value of the package declared by the client; thus, permissible items that get damaged by Tipax will be compensated accordingly. Note: the maximum compensation amount for damaged parcels in the shape of envelopes is 200.000 tomans, irrelevant of their declared estimated value.

  4. How long will my package take to be delivered via air and road?

    Answer: To view an estimated delivery time frame, refer to the Estimate Delivery Time page on the Tipax website.