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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Conditions governing the recovery and delivery of goods (contractual obligation): A) general requirements: the obligations and conditions stipulated in this page govern the contract between Tipax Express Pars with national ID No. 14007209148 and all clients who agree to a working contract via the available avenues with Tipax and agree to have their goods recovered by the company at specific pick-up points and delivered to declared destinations are in themselves effective and applicable without the need for any other signed document or receipt. B) Obligations of sender:

  1. The sender is obliged to declare his/her true personal and identity-related information. Thus, Tipax recognizes the individual registered on the website as the party in question and, as such, is only liable to that person. 
  2. In cases where the sender has not filled out his/her or the recipient's address correctly or properly so that it obstructs successful delivery of the package(s) or results in the declared recipient rejecting the delivery, not only must the goods be redirected back to their pick-up point, but the sender is also obliged to pay the transit fee.
  3. During the pick-up process, the sender is obliged to declare the true value as well as the nature of the contents of the parcel. In case of loss or considerable damage to the package, Tipax is bound to compensate the client according to the declared value of the lost or damaged goods. In case of slight damage or loss, Tipax's responsibility is only limited to the nature of the damage and will compensate accordingly based on the opinions of Tipax experts.
  4. In cases where the sender's assigned items to Tipax include combustibles or liquids that cause damage to other packages and/or the transit vehicle, the aforesaid person is responsible for all damages and must compensate accordingly based on the opinions of Tipax experts.
  5. The sender is responsible for the proper packaging and neutralizing (if needed) of parcels before he attempts to deliver them to Tipax. Hence, Tipax is in no way liable for any damages caused by improper packaging. Determining which parcels are improperly packaged falls to the Tipax experts.
  6. By agreeing to Tipax deliver services, the sender automatically states that their items are not contraband, nor do they fall in the list of items and goods outlawed by the Islamic Republic of Iran. If proved otherwise, the sender will be criminally liable. Furthermore, he/she is also obliged to pay all damages done to Tipax, including transit fees and delayed delivery of other customers' packages.
  7. Delivery of such items as jewelry, antiques, gold, liquids, securities, cash(bills), valuable coins, legal or official papers, and documents, whether in solo or as attachments to other goods, is prohibited by Tipax. Thus if the sender includes such items in his package without Tipax's knowledge, any damage or loss of the items is not compensated for by Tipax.
  8. In case of any unforeseeable events or disasters such as wars, floods, earthquakes, conflagrations, outbreaks of infectious diseases, or any other event that is not in the control of Tipax and consequently causes delayed or suspended delivery or loss and damage of goods, Tipax is not liable to any compensation requests.
  9. 9. All complaints must be submitted within their relevant timeframes (this timeframe varies according to the nature of the complaint), or else the client waives all rights to the delivered goods. In case of loss, the client must submit their complaint within one month of recovery date; in case of partial loss, significant or slight damage to the items, the client must submit their complaint within 24 hours of receiving the package.