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Tipax handles ten thousand of packages a day
Packages are precious because they are the interface between different people and places.Receiving, protecting, transmitting and delivering to their owners at the right time is an important task that Tipax, having one of the most extensive communication networks in the country, is well aware of.
Tipax is a unique sixty-year-old collection that is enjoyable to work in due to the presence of specialized and skilled personnel and package organizational performance, and its customers know it well and have full confidence in its experience.Tipax is the innovator of the fast door-to-door delivery industry in Iran and always tries to be a pioneer by using up-to-date technologies and by providing suitable solutions for people's business, to bring more speed and security to its customers.

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Speech of Managing Director

There is a considerable speed in growth of all businesses and in the meantime, only those businesses may survive that may remain up to date and more developments. TIPAX, as a 59 years old company, considers both experience and originality as the inevitable parts of its method and maintain itself update by relying on experience and its originality. Up to now, we have always tried to develop in line with modern equipment and technology in the world. In a way, we became the only full-digital courier in the country. Diversity in communication and providing services has been our central strategy in the logistics and postal industry. In recent years, we have been able to create new and quality solutions for people. TIPAX insists on two values of “Network” and ”Brand” and to fulfill its brand promises, it has created a network of modern human capital and up-to-date equipment in the shadow of customers' trust and confidence. One of the most important priorities of TIPAX in its professional ethics is respect for customers at any level. Customer satisfaction is the reason for the survival and promotion of our brand and it is possible just with correct response. In this way, we monitor the needs of customers step by step and by designing appropriate solutions, we take steps to attract as much satisfaction as possible.


Mehrdad Fakher

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دکتر مهرداد فاخر


As the founder of the Courier Service industry in the country and with six decades of activity in the field of fast handling of shipments and participation in the field of postal and logistics industry, TIPAX has considered both respecting human resources and network of representatives as the most valuable assets of its organization. According to the principles of customer satisfaction and commitment to meet legal requirements, continuous improvement in all activities and processes is chosen as the policy of the activities, and in this regard, while maintaining and improving the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, TIPAX is trying to achieve the followings:

1)Improving the quality of service and strict commitment to increase loyalty and customer satisfaction

2)Training and upgrading knowledge, skills, motivation and development of the human resources

3)Market expansion services

I have approved Quality Management System of this organization and would be responsible against quality of good performance, Continuous monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of performance and continuous improvement of this system in achieving the goals of the organization and may receive relevant reports of effectiveness and efficiency of this system on regular intervals.


Mehrdad Fakher

خطی مشی

social responsibility

مسعولیت های اجتماعی

Social responsibility of TIPAX means a set of activities that are based on humanitarian activities, based on moral and religious, cultural and national values with respect for human beings and the environment. This kind of attitude from the past to the present is known as a comprehensive value index in TIPAX. TIPAX's approach to the issue of social responsibility is a forward-looking perspective that predicts social responsibility and the implementation of programs beyond what is traditionally required by organizations.

Human Responsibility: Voluntary and humanitarian participation in a wide range of charitable activities to accompany and heal the pains, needs and harms of society

Ethical Responsibility: In order to achieve excellence of its organizational goals, TIPAX has institutionalized ethical and humanistic criteria in its organizational system. It means various characteristics such as politeness, respect, fairness, avoiding wrong thoughts and actions and promoting human goals, importance to collective wisdom and teamwork. Otherwise, the energy that should be spent on building and upgrading the organization will be spent on marginalization.

Legal Liability: Rather than focusing on profitability, TIPAX is obliged to comply with laws and regulations. Ensuring the health and safety of personnel, avoiding instances of discrimination, gender and paying attention to environmental and human issues in all service delivery processes are among the many issues that are considered by TIPAX.

Economic responsibility: TIPAX does not consider the value added of profit in providing services as its main goal, but believes that by continuous accountability and employing responsible managers, can play an important role in improving the quality of the organization and attract maximum participation within the organization and promote it. Maintaining trust at the customer level leads to increased productivity and ultimately, organizational profit growth.

Responsibility-based movement of TIPAX towards global Goals: TIPAX has found that it must make responsible decisions to be productive, competitive, and responsive to change. With this approach, TIPAX is known as a responsible organization and a close friend of Iranian Red Crescent Organization. This cooperation, by concluding a memorandum of understanding in order to fulfill social responsibility, introduces TIPAX Company as an Iranian brand to serve and assist its compatriots at city, national and international levels.


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Fakher Holding Companies

Fakher Holding is formed with the mission of forming and leading the Fakher ecosystem, organizing and strategically managing its subsidiaries and affiliates. It seeks to create new businesses and develop correct infrastructure to shape collective network of value exchange between people, government and suppliers of goods and services. The founders of Fakher Holding, each of which had separate but related businesses in the postal and manufacturing sectors, such as TIPAX and OCTIRAN, came up with the idea of establishing a holding company in 2013 to jointly run their businesses. Fakher Holding was formed to create a Fakher ecosystem in the areas of logistics, e-commerce, manufacturing and commerce.