The most important technologies affecting the transportation industry

The most important technologies affecting the transportation industry

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Today is the real future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. This is the considerable case for us. At present, FAA has reduced any limitations for presence of Drones and selected 8 companies for creation and implementation of technical necessities for home delivery. By the way, there are still lots of obstacle which should be considered accordingly. On the other hand, some other applications of Drones are really interesting such as stock management of warehouses, control equipment a ports, agricultural lands and workshops. Therefore, it is possible to say that a clear future is ready for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The most important & effective technologies in transportation industry
The major factors of electronic business are transportation & logistics in a way that today On-line retail sales have a positive effect on this industry. Lack of on-time delivery of goods is a serious risk for businesses and consumers. Regarding the present competition among great companies for better presence in market, it is valuable to consider this business as a nice future for courier industry and benefit from current chances in business.
It is anticipated that courier market, express and parcel (CEP) will face with an annual growth rate of 8 to 10 percent up to 2024 with a value of more than 400 billion dollars. The international trade growth, growth rate of benefiting from internet and intelligent phones, increase of middle level of society and their income and betterment of life standards within recent years may cause an increase in sale and growth of e-commerce especially in under-developing countries which may create lots of chances for transportation of cargoes. In fact, e-commerce is the major factor of growth in CEP market with considerable benefits for this industry.

Rather than, e-commerce, there are some new-established processes of retail sale in some countries and development of trade out of economic growth as the real motivators of CEP industry. In return, lack of suitable infra-structure and technologies may cause lack of output and the real obstacle against growth of this market. By the way, any growth and development of technology may cause reforming of total supply chain and transportation industry. Any increase in facilities, efficiency and finding businesses may play a great role in this regard.

E-commerce as the motivator of the growth in CEP International Market
The international sector of CEP market is growing quicker than internal one. Since the governments are intending to develop their producing sectors and world companies are searching to establish their headquarters in the area, therefore there is an increase in international trade. As a result, it is estimated to have more growth in future. Any growth in international internet trade may cause an increase in volume of sending the international packs. Therefore, it is expected to see higher growth rate against general market of e-commerce.

CEP Companies have activated their C2B part within recent years which have caused an increase in On-line purchases and growth of e-commerce in countries. It is expected to have more demands for CEP services at Asia-Oceania, due to the population growth, income increase and life standard and growth of international trade within estimated period. At present, we have China and U.S.A as two interested destination for international trade. China has a major share in Middle Asia and Oceania market and is owner of the greatest market of quick delivery of the world. It includes about %40 of total volume of cargo delivery throughout the world.

Competitive viewpoint
Since there is an increase in demands for “CEP” services in under-developing countries as quickly as possible, these companies have more competitions for finding such as great chance as well. International players of this field make strategic investment for creation an aerial logistic network such as establishment of new distribution centers, intelligent warehouses and so on. Since most of today innovations are occurred in digital field, local or multi-national companies with suitable infrastructure, have higher competition power in return.

Technology will change all things!
Technology may change any industries. Therefore, it is impossible to ignore further changes out of it. One of the specific changes which have great effects on courier industry is appearance of self-driving automobiles. With the help of Fiat & Crisler, Google has found considerable advances in the field of self-driving industry. It has been estimated that about 20 million self-driving automobiles will be appeared on roads within next 5 years.

There is a considerable effect out of self-driving automobiles on courier industry. Insurance is one of the major worries of transportation companies and their customers. It means confidence about anything which is shipped and reaching to destination on-timely.  The main focus in automation is finding out a safe level which is impossible just with a human driver. This means that self-driving vehicle would be supported and welcomed by transportation companies.

By the way, this does not mean the end of human presence in transportation industry. Still there are lots of factors which need the presence and human contacts. Transportation and logistical services need a driver in order to track the packs and transfer the same towards destination and interact with customer by distance. He should be ensured about cargo safety and control the situation of automobile. In fact, upon appearance of self-driving automobiles, there will be a change in situation of “Drivers” in a business. It means that some of their key roles would be transferred to automation. But still we need them. Automobile manufacturers including Man & Van, do not estimate any unemployment in industry out of automation. But they are worry about it. Certainly, it is because of further changes in personal functions.
Drones would be activated in this industry.

Self-driving airplanes which firstly were presented to public as the expensive toys, could start a technological revolution in the field of transfer which today made worry transportation industries. Although the mentioned Drones are placed in the beginning steps of development, but most of great companies throughout the world including Amazona and DHL made lots of monies for technology promotion of Drones in sending of their own packs.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, in comparison with other transfer methods, are so much cheaper and applicable for transport of small packs along with considerable reducing in delivery time. On the other hand, it is really exciting to receive your pack inside your house and from a flying object!!

Of course, there are some limitations for this new technology. For instance, battery charge of these systems would be a limitation for a specific distance per day. While there is not such as worry in traditional transportation systems. Although the size of Drones may impose weight limitations, but they are really successful for small packs. As a result, still they are real necessity of correct and nice transfer of great items which may include a special part of automobile & van industry. There are some other factors which may cause some delay in promotion of Drones such as air aviation rules and regulations, but it is estimated that they will play a great role in transportation industry within next 5-10 years.

In today digital time, companies are obliged to use new technologies and present their services in a simple and accessible form. New technologies are coming and have required potential for changing both transportation and logistic industries.

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