Clear Future of Drones in Supply Chain

Clear Future of Drones in Supply Chain

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There are lots of papers written about future of Drones in the field of supply chain within recent years. Upon the progress of technology and facilitating of rules &regulations, Drones have changed into useful tools in delivery of cargos and packs. By the way, still there are lots of obstacles for changing of this technology into a common selection at different districts. There are lots of advantages out of applying of Drones in different areas. With a glance to manner of applying this devise it is clear that future belongs to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. More than that, epidemy of Coronavirus has accelerated public acceptance of Drones in air navigation. 

Drones & Door to Door
It is near to 7 years when Jeff Bezos explained his idea within 60 minutes for benefiting from Drones in sending of cargos to final customer. Although there was a long-way to pass within the mentioned 7 years, but the obtained results are far from Bezos ideals. Various companies have examined sending of packs by the use of Drones through the mentioned period. After reducing lots of trial flights limitations by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), such a technology had considerable growth. 
Even with more common performance of the mentioned tests, the reality is that right now Drones would be used just for necessary medical items. This is exactly the same job which was performed by Zip Line in 2016 for sending of medical equipment to farthest areas. Zip Line performed the relevant delivery program of medical equipment to North Carolina by the use of his knowledge about his own performed plan at Ruanda and by the cooperation of Novant Health Co.
Then, UPS and CVS illustrated that they are specifying the future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. These two companies started to use Drones for sending of pharmaceutical recommendations to various areas of Florida in which there is one of the greatest populations of resigned people of United Nations of America. In fact, Drones placed medical recommendations of persons in a special place and the receiver may receive its own recommendation at home. 
Wing, as an affiliated company of Alphabet Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, is one of the first companies which found this method for sending of packs. This company performed its first delivery by Drones in 2014. It has made lots of tests in the field of this technology at Australia. Wing was the first company which could obtain FAA agreement to deliver of packs by the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Also, it could send medical recommendations to people at Quarantine period through the epidemic of Coronavirus.
There are various tests for sending of packs by the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Certainly, the mentioned tests are so much interesting for various people. By the way, it is necessary to reconsider all current rules and regulations in the field of flights and air transportation. It is so much difficult to send the packs in areas with high number of populations. But it is so much interesting at rural areas due to benefiting from trucks equipped with Dronesfor delivery of packs. The major point in home delivery is primary steps of implementation which are not completely applied. In other words, we may use iceberg metaphor in which delivery of medicines & fundamental items by are similar to the peak of the iceberg of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
FAA has appointed 8 companies for providing technical necessities and writing of required protocols. According to the mentioned protocol, all Drones should report physical situation and relevant information of the cargo while flighting. This protocol encourages all manufacturing companies of Drones to be equipped with codes recognition facility and local data at national air territories in order to be sent as quickly as possible. Those Drones without the mentioned facility could only fly in those areas which have been specified by FAA. Usually the mentioned areas include some spaces in which trial airplanes could fly. The selected companies are as follows: Air Bus, Air Map Amazona, Int, Wan Sky, Sky Ward, T-Mobile and Wing as the affiliates of Alphabet. It is better to consider this function as a useful case for future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Drones as the tools for control
If we consider new Drones as a tool for transfer of packs, there will be a clear supply chain for the future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. In most cases, Drones could be replaced with humans for performing of time-wasting jobs. Stock management is one of the best examples in this case. It is specially for great warehouse with a specific yard. The above-mentioned Drones could be active by the use of visual/computer technology, artificial intelligence and radio sensors. Any applying of Drones in warehouses could increase the alternation and exact evaluation of stocks due to increasing the speed of processes. Even it is possible to make stock evaluation at nights when the warehouse is closed. It is possible for Drones to save the time and costs in a considerable form and perform the jobs with higher degree of care.

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