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Same-Day Delivery Service

Quick delivery and transport of shipments and packages is a significant concern for any business. The intra-city door-to-door delivery of packages is an initiative and service offered by Tinext. In recent years, the considerable growth in online sales and the need to ship several orders per day has become a significant concern for electronic and traditional businesses alike. The simultaneous shipping of several packages per day poses numerous difficulties for owners of online and offline businesses. Hence, Tinext has come up with the "Same-Day Delivery" initiative; the service recovers and delivers the packages on the same day. Tinext's online panel has made it easier than ever for businesses to register and track their packages.

Why Tinext?

  • Same-Day delivery

  • Packages handled by trained carriers

  • Fixed delivery fee

  • Cash on delivery

  • Compensation for damages and loss

  • Flexible and regular payment settlements

  • Free-of-charge recovery

  • Live tracking of packages and step-by-step notifications on the process for the receiver

Corporate panel

Corporate panel

Your time is precious. Manage the complete process of registration, recovery, and packaging of your goods within only a few minutes on Tinext's manager panel.
Same-Day Delivery

Same-Day Delivery

Our trained fleet of carriers will guarantee the recovery and delivery of your packages within less than six hours!
Customer Services

Customer Services

From registering your request to the successful delivery of your packages, our support experts are by your side during the entire process.

Same-Day Delivery is offered only on the Tinext startup.

  1. What kind of services does Tinext provide?


    Tinext provides same-day delivery services for businesses.

  2. How are the Tinext service fees?


    Tinext delivery fees are fixed.

  3. What is the number of initial packages before a client is able to sign a contract?


    Businesses that register at least five packages per day or within a certain time frame are able to sign a contract with Tinext.

  4. What other added-value services does Tinext provide?


    In addition to the core services provided by Tinext, the company offers other services such as packaging, cash on delivery, compensation for damages or loss etc.

  5. How does Tinext recover the packages?


    After submitting a request via the managing panel, Tinext's recovery fleet will be dispatched to the pick-up point, recovering the package(s) free of charge.

At the moment, the intra-city delivery service is available only in the following cities: 

  • Tehran
  • Karaj