International Express in collaboration with TiExpress

In addition to the movement of packages and postal packages within the borders of a country, which can be done by land or air express, there is a need to move cargo and documents across borders and between countries, which is done by air and under the name of International Express. In other words, the international shipment of packages is the movement and transportation of packages from one place within a country to another place within another country, in compliance with the laws and regulations governing it. International Express Service, in accordance with international air transport laws, makes it possible to send customer packages worldwide. In this service, using the latest transportation technologies, it tries to deliver the package to the recipient at the destination in the shortest possible time. Providing international freight and cargo services is another service provided to customers.



Online Tracking

Online Tracking

Transport Type

Transport Type

Shipping type

Shipping Type

Door to Door
shipping time

Shipping Time

7 to 10 Days

  • Door – to – Door delivery of cargos within 7-10 working days, from Iran to other countries (Due to the epidemic conditions of Coronavirus).
  • Door -to – Door delivery of cargos within 15-20 working days, from other countries to Iran. (Due to the epidemic conditions of Coronavirus).
  • Pickup time: Up to the final working hour and after order registration. Usually those orders after 3:00 AM would be sent in next day.
  • Servicing days: From Saturday up to Thursday.
  • No services on Fridays and Official holidays.
  • Exceptions: There is no coverage for postal prohibitions and smuggled goods and inflammable & explosive items.
  • Cash on destination (COD): It is possible to pay the price of sold goods to the accounts of commercial centers and internet shops.
  • It is possible to present packing services at representative offices of TIPAX.
  • Upon delivery of packs to TIPAX representative office, the relevant receipt/delivered message would be sent accordingly.

  • Question:
  • Is there any other exception besides the wright and nature for Express/Cargo (Freight) system?
  • Answer:
  • Yes. There are some other conditions in which weights below 30 or 40kg, could not be expressed. Including:
    • Chemicals
    • Liquids & soft fluids
    • Gases
    • Oil & Petrochemicals
    • Cargos with magnet and/or battery
  • Question:
  • What is the difference between International Express & International Freight?
  • Answer:
  • In case you prefer to send/receive any notes and/or light packs from Iran and vice versa, the economist and quickest way is International Express. But if your parcel is heavier than 45 kg, Freight is the best option for you.
  • Question:
  • How much are the international costs of parcels?
  • Answer:
  • For more information, please contact with Tel. No. 88781236. This is necessary to mention that prior to contact, please be informed completely about the weight and volume and value of goods in Rls.
  • Question:
  • Is it possible to send medicines through International Express?
  • Answer:
  • Medicines are included in prohibition for send. It is impossible to send medicines.
  • Question:
  • Is it possible to send any parcels to all countries?
  • Answer:
  • Right now, it is possible to send parcels to 220 countries of the world.