Online Tracking

 Online Tracking

Online Tracking

Enter your tracking code, barcode number, or contract number below to track your parcel and view its latest status.

Enter your tracking number | Do you need guidance for tracking?

Enter the tracking code of your package sent to you via SMS in this field and click on the tracking option to display the status of your package. If you need more help, call 0218457.

What's my parcel's status? Has it been delivered to the recipient? When will I receive my parcel? Will my shipped parcel get to the declared destination on time or not? Etc. are some of the more frequently asked questions that may occur to the shipper and recipient during a delivery process. Tipax's online tracking system has been designed and developed for the sole purpose of answering such questions. The system allows Tipax clients to track their parcels live, be it an intercity delivery service they are using or any other service that ships packages across the country. You need your tracking code or contract number to track your parcel. Upon shipment of parcels, an SMS containing the parcel's tracking code, estimated value, and Tipax online tracking link will be sent to both the shipper and the recipient. Either of the parties can open up the online tracking link, enter their tracking code, and view their parcel's latest statusThe tracking code and the contract number is also included in the receipt issued to the shipper.  

Package Tracking FAQ

How to track your parcel?

You can track your parcel by visiting or calling Tipax at (+98) 021-8457

Is it possible to track your Tipax parcel via its barcode?

Yes, you can track or view your parcel's latest status via its tracking code, barcode number, or contract number.

How long will the delivery of Tipax parcels take maximum?

The delivery time for Tipax parcels varies according to several factors involved, including the destination and type of delivery service selected. You can get an estimated delivery time for your package by visiting Tipax's website or MyTipax application.

How many digits does a Tipax tracking code have?

A Tipax tracking code can be anywhere from 15 to 25 digits. The code is included in the receipt issued to the shipper; further, it is sent via SMS to both the shipper and the recipient.

How many digits does a Tipax barcode have?

Currently, the barcode or contract number Tipax has designated for its parcels is a 13-digits-long number that begins with the last two digits of the ongoing year. (for example, all the barcodes issued in 1399 (2021) began with 99(21)).

Why can't I track my parcel after placing an online order?

Parcels cannot be tracked before being recovered. Online tracking option becomes available immediately after the recovery of the parcel by Tipax. You can track your parcel via its tracking code, barcode number, or contract number.